Monday, January 29, 2007

Pimp My Ghost Ride

The reviews are in; Pimp My Ride, the first video game to feature ghost riding the whip, is worse than the show of the same name. Just check this clip of the game, the dancing is so lame even a hard-core g amer would cringe.

That's right, not even ghost riding could save this wreck.

"When you go to a ghost-riding event, you take part in an idiot-simple rhythm minigame that isn't all that rhythmic. There's also a hot steppin' event, but in actuality, that's just a new name for yet another ghost-riding event. The worst part about the ghost-riding games is that they never change." -

Shame on you Mr. X to the Z.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ghostbusters nerds weigh in on Ghost Riding the Whip

Spengs: Proton Pack Promoter

Internet GhostBusters enthusiasts react as you'd expect to Mista Fab's "Ghost Ride It" video; they attack his "pathetic" use of a proton pack.

"I saw those upside down proton pack pictures... I sat here in disbelief. You would think it would be obvious on how to wear a prop proton pack. Even if they didn't, play the DVD. Or use the scene selection. Damn, didn't they watch Ghostbusters at all before ripping it off?" - Spengs

Listen here Spengs; this is way bigger than any proton pack. We're witnessing ghost ride history in the making here. Stop nerding it up with your nerdery, Egon.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ghost Ride the Poorly Researched UK Media Coverage

"This particular sport, so far practised only by disciples of a certain strain of hip-hop music from the American West Coast, involves abandoning the wheel of your car and dancing on the roof while it is moving." - The Independent

Apparently The Independent hasn't looked at Youtube.......ever. Because all we see on there is suburban America ghost riding their parent's whips, not some hip-hop disciples.

It's hard to trust a news-source that can't even spell "hyphy" right (the story refers to the hyphe movement). Sure, the British can get away with "shoppe," but there is no way we will allow their revisionist spelling here.

Fuck ghost riding the whippe.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

CNN’s Ghost Riding the Whip Scare-a-Thon

(skip the first 1:40 minutes or so of this video unless you want to hear some rambling)

This latest CNN news story breaks the full scale Ghost Riding the Whip related crackdown going on.

“in Stockon they passed an ordinance specifically targeting these kinds of stunts”

The ordinance mentioned, passed on June 26, 2006 targets street racing and sideshows. Ghost Riding the Whip is never mentioned, the act of getting out of your car and ghostin’ isn’t even described.

“they (police) have already impounded some 400 or so vehicles and handed out more than 1500 citations”

I wonder how many of those 400 impounded whips were really ghost ridden.

Interestingly enough CNN points the finger at “the internet” for spreading the ghost riding menace among the impressionable youth. Surely this was an attempt to blacken the reputation of the new media to which it is rapidly losing ground. However, we at embrace our role as the purveyors of the ghosting lifestyle which has brought joy into the lives of thousands, if not millions. Try to ghost ride without a smile on your face... you can’t.

And lastly, do we really need to hear about ghost riding from Vit Patel? If you want a ghost riding interview get one with any of the following: LIL-ANT, HOEZAY, GUNG HO, JOSE, EL THE SELF IMAGE & THA HOMIEZ