Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ghost Ride the Music Floods the Airwaves!

"Dude the song is awesome. Where can I get it?"

"seriously though,what song is that?"

"That's A Hard BEAT!!! I did that once!"

"well i hated that video.The music was´╗┐ very anoying"

Like a 5th grader ostracized for having the last name "Schedel", Lukeschedel stands alone. Youtubers everywhere are rushing to feast their ears on this summer's super smash ghost hit, Ghost Ride The Music. After being featured in our certified Youtube blockbuster, our debut ghost single has been in hot demand.

In response, GRTWB is pleased to announce the re-launch of the Ghost Ride the Music Myspace page. Now you can be the first of all your friends to download the two hottest ghost jams of 2007!

Tom Green on Ghost Riding the Whip Part 2

Last time we saw Tom Green he was fat, boring, and Canadian. Nothing much has changed.

Leave it to a Canadian to make Ghost Riding look bland.

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