Saturday, March 17, 2007

Know your Ghost Riding Rights

We just received this email from a concerned Ghost Rider:

Hello, My name is Greg. I Live in Lafayette Louisiana. Me and my friends love to ghost ride. So let me go to the story.

So me and my friends after school went to an old vacant parking lot. there was about 40 people and 30 cars. We got in a couple of cars and started to ghost ride around the parking lot. We were there for about 45 min and before we know it there are TV cameras filming us. So we all scatter laughing our asses off. Its all good fun right? Well the Lafayette Police Dept and our school didnt think so.

COme to find out we are the headline in the news that night and again the next morning. We we get to school the dean of students calls us out of class and has a pokice officer waiting for us. 5 people got reckless operation tickets and numerous other were suspended! this is crazy all we are doin is trying to have a little fun.

The news described "ghost riding" as putting your car on cruse control at 20 or 30 and getting out of your car and dancing on it. This has blown my mind that it turned into such a big ordeal.

This blows our minds too Greg. Hopefully other Ghost Riders will heed your warning.

Edit: Greg sent me links to the news story 1, 2. And check our comments to see the Louisiana debate continue.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ghost Ride the Art

It's good to see we aren't the only ones who see the artistic merit of Ghost Riding the Whip. This fine art masterpiece is from Chris Dreyer Illustrations.

The picture was featured in a Gonzaga Bulletin article, an unremarkable story except for one memorable quote from a misinformed student:

"They have been [ghost riding] for 15 - 25 years," said Blaine Swarthout, a Gonzaga sophomore from San Francisco. "It's an expression of their culture."

Blaine Swarthout
Ghost Riding in 1982? Blaine, you might want to uncross those fingers; you obviously don`t know much about the culture you`re trying to emulate.