Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ghost Interviews For Ghost Sale

That's right ladies and gents of the media, the creators of GRTWB are now available to be interviewed! Why settle for fly-by-night trends like Fence Plowing when you can present your editor with a story about a phenomena that planted it's roots in the internet, exploded, and is now forever a part of life as we know it?

Get your checkbooks ready and whip us an e-mail for more information. Major networks only please.

Ghosting Vs. Plowing: Dare To Compare

FOX News has recently labelled "Fence Plowing" as the "new internet trend sweeping Youtube". Apparently a trend only needs 14 videos to be classifed as a Youtube phenomenon. We here at GRTWB believe that there's only enough room on the internet for either Ghost Riding or Fence Plowing. The choice is clear.

Ghost Riding The Whip was created by a guy named Pretty Bo; Fence Plowing was created by a guy named Adam Schleichkorn. Unbelievably enough, Schleichkorn didn't even christen his discovery! He merely came up with idea and got someone else to do it. What kind of creator is that?

Ghost Riding is stupid and dumb; Fence Plowing is painful and dumb. Ghost Riding is beautiful and graceful; Fence Plowing is crude and destructive. So you ran into the fence and knocked it over. Big deal; your average hurricane can do that. Show me a tropical storm that can ghost ride the whip and I'll be impressed.

This guy's dad must work for FOX News or something.

Ghost Ride the Terrorists

Terrorists respond to Ghost Ride the Bush.

Hyphy-est Running Back Dips tha Whip

Marshawn Lynch: college football star, 20 years old, and already hyphyer than anyone in the pros. He recently declared his entrance into the NFL draft, and we here at GRTWB can't wait to see a SuperBowl victory parade of the ghost riding persuasion. In the above video he steals his team's injury cart and gas, brake, dip, dips into the victory books, all while reppin' his native Oakland.

"I was gonna ghost ride it for a minute at the end, but it ain't got no neutral, so it would've just kept rollin'. So I just did that move."

Mac Dre would be proud.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Ghost Ride Into History!

Thanks to all of you loyal ghost readers, GRTWB's debut video installment, 'Ghost Ride The Whip Compilation' is poised to surpass 100,000 views. That's right people; we're going Youtube gold!!! To all of you who have yet to see this visual masterpiece, why not have a click at the video above, and be a part of this momentous occasion.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ghost Ride the Bush

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ghost Riding into 2007 - Mistah Fab

Less than six weeks into 2007 and it's already looking like a banner year for everyone's favorite internet trend. Over the next few days, we'll be covering what's going on in GRTW.

We have to start with Mistah Fab; quickly becoming a ghost riding god. His video for "Ghost Ride It" is out in two ghost-tastic editions: The MTV Edit and the uncensored Thizz Street Edit.
The uncensored version, one of the hyphiest videos in a minute, features more ghost riding, more hyphy, an orange monkey, and a couple of bottles of thizz pills. Now that your boy is signed to Atlantic Records, look for our new anthem to blow up.

Fab is emerging as the face of ghostin'. He went on Hannity & Colmes, which is as great as it sounds (although no Cam'ron on Bill O'Reilly). Check out this interview with the Yellow Bus Rydah Man as he offers a vision of where ghost riding could go: "We are saying that if it was put inside of an arena, if it was in a controlled environment, it would be very successful and lucrative."

Professional ghost riding anyone?