Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tom Green on Ghost Riding the Whip

A fat, bored, and unfunny Tom Green is the latest to mis-represent the redneck in the red truck as a ghost rider.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pimp My Ride Video Game features Ghost Ride the Whip

I'll save my rant about how bad Pimp My Ride is, and how weak the premise of a video game based on the series is. All I care about is the following:

"One of the ways for you to earn the cash to pimp the cars is to Ghost Ride The Whip. In this mini-game, you will be required to execute dance moves along side your ride while it’s moving next to you in drive. You accomplish this with controller-button sequences mixed with timing. The more flawlessly you execute your moves, the more props and cash you receive. Don’t worry, all the in-game dance moves were performed by professional hip-hip dancers with motion capture technology so you’ll look like a pro as long as you game like a pro."

Check out the (weak) trailer here.

Ghost Riding the Whip creates another ghost

From the Modesto Bee

STOCKTON — A young Stockton man died this week during a "hyphy" maneuver by hanging out of a truck going 30 mph to 40 mph and hitting his head on a parked car, police said.

Pickens said that Gulley apparently tried to "ghost-ride the whip," a stunt where someone steps out of a moving vehicle. Gulley opened the front passenger door and may have tried to stand on the outer ledge. Pickens said it was unclear what happened next, but Gulley fell and hit his head on a parked car.