Thursday, August 31, 2006

Women demand equal ghost riding the whip opportunities

Reuters - Women are standing up and demanding a voice in the ghost riding the whip movement.

"I can ghostride as well as any man!" Declares Joanne Bob, spirited ghost activist.

However, this evidence would prove otherwise.

The Ten Ghost Commandments

10. Acrobatics = +10 points
9. Being Asian = -10 points
8. Wearing Nascar jackets = -35 points
7. Being Nascar fans = -95 points
6. Not playing E-40 = -50 points
5. Being Asian = -75 points
4. Don't shake the baby.
3. Not being on the road= -40 points
2. Not ghost riding the whip = -1000 points
1. "You ain't ghostriding nigga!" = +2500 points

Ghost Rudy

Cheer on Ghost Rudy as he makes the varsity Ghostin' team.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cartwheel Ghost

I'm speechless, but not in a good way.

Lego Cashes in on Ghost Riding the Whip

Today Lego announced plans to start producing a new line of sets called Ghost Ride The Whip, in the hopes of cashing in on the mania that is sweeping across the globe.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ghost ride in Germany: VW releases the 2007 Ghost

The new 2007 VW Ghost looks great. They finally debuted the Adjustable Ghost Damper (AGD) system. And apparently, it is both fuel efficient and spooky.

Casper gets hyphy; E-40 approves

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ghost ride the whip through Myspace

The ghost ride the whip blog has a Myspace page.

You can check out all our friends, and this pictures.

Ghost ride the Whip spawns art revolution

Ghost riding in the heart of America

This is the ghost riding the whip movie Zach Morris would make with Slater while borrowing Mr. B's whip. Here we see a guy pick up fast-food while lounging on the hood of a BMW convertible. It's as white as they are.

Four new ghost riding trends are debuted here: the aforementioned drive-thru ghosting, the Gas-tly ghosting, the trunk Houdini, and the double ghost ride. No homo.

Here we see the emergence of the team ghost riding of the whip. This appears to be shot on a camera phone, and features three guys on an Olds. Note the guy with the white shorts and pink jersey's impressive stand in the narrow frame of the door.

It is good to see ghost riding the whip evolving into a team activity. Team sports are a great way to build leadership skills.

Killer Ghost ridin'

CTV reports at least eight teens have died from ghost riding the whip. This is so sweet.
From the story:
"Ghost riding was started not to see people succeed, but to see people fail," Lovecchio said. "They want to see people run into trees, run over their foot."
I wonder if people who die while ghost riding the whip become ghosts inside the whip. The ghost of the ghost riding whip or something.

Ghost riding the whip - take notes kids

This is one of the best ghost riding the whip movies going for two reasons. First, it looks like he is going pretty fast. Second, we have no idea what happens. Does he get back in the whip?